Cat Found

Available as a print for those who really hate cats

Fun In The Sun

Acrylic on board, 16" x 12". Sold for $120000

David Bowie

Imagined David Bowie biography cover

The Queen Of England

Available as a print to all you monarchists out there

I Hate New York

Available as a print, or a T Shirt or a bag to all pears out there

Watership Downer

4 colour screenprints long sold out, digital prints, cards and mugs still available

Massive Mess

Available as a print, bag, phone case


Biggy Burr


Available as a print for all you punks out there


There's nothing on the tele


35 x 50 cm print

Hello Duck

Available as a print for those who like standing out from the crowd. Or ducks. Or both

Good Times

Available as a print for those having a crap time


Sticker, 3cm width. For Bogs everywhere

Lightbulb Moment

Available as a print to all of those with no idea


Kids today

Man and Beast

Oil on board. Sold for $356000

Massive Brain

Acrylic on Board, 18" x 14". Original sold for $560000. Available as a bag and mug and a tee

Mind Blowing

Acrylic and Ink on board. 10" x 8". Original sold for $26000. Available as a mug or a bag

Monster Mash

Not available as anything. Except a GIF. Have a free GIF

The Beatles

A Beatles GIF for all you Miley Cyrus fans out there

The Olympics

Not available as anything other than a memory of how how weird and mental everyone went during the Olympics 2012

Open Wide

Do open wide


Paradise is now being served by Ryan Air and EasyJet so Heaven just got one step closer


Available as a print for children everywhere

Le Sasquatch / La Unicorn

Mythical beasts as large day glow screenprints, now sold out. So just mythical again

Stay Cool

2 colour screen print for Christmas giveaway. All given away.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe out there kids. Wrap up. In a big old johnny.


Available as a 2 colour A4 screenprint.

View From The Top

2 colour screenprint